Angry Birds Star Wars trailer shows off gameplay to the funky tune of the Cantina song

Rovio's Angry Birds Star Wars cross-over game has received its first gameplay trailer, giving eager fans their first look at several iconic Star Wars characters in their Angry Bird form.

The trailer shows off both Luke Skywalker as the Red bird and Princess Leia as the Pink one. These aren't just Star Wars skinned birds, however. These characters possess traits that make each one unique. Luke Skywalker uses his signature lightsaber to slice his way through Tusken Raiders on Tatooine, while Princess Leia blasts some AT-AT walkers on Hoth. It may not be the most authentic recreation, but it's still looks like a fun little romp, especially with the Cantina song playing in the background.

Angry Birds Star Wars is due to release on November 8 for iOS, WIndows 8, Kindle, and Android devices.