Angry Birds Star Wars 2: Rise of the Clones update adds 40 new levels

Angry Birds Star Wars 2 has received a fresh update, continuing the saga with the Rise of the Clones chapter. The new chapter features over 40 new levels total — 20 Pork side, 20 Bird side, 4 secret — set on Kamino and Coruscant. There's also new elements such as fast-flowing waters on Kamino and air turbines that provide extra boosts on Coruscant.

On another note, Angry Birds Star Wars 2 players have scanned their TELEPODS figures into the game more than 30 million times. For those unfamiliar, this platform allows players to use smart devices to "teleport" physical TELEPODS figures into the game. There are currently 

“We’re thrilled at how popular the TELEPODS platform is with our fans,” said Jami Laes, EVP Games of Rovio. “Rovio is constantly exploring novel ways to delight the world with new entertainment technology, including ways for players to experience our games in both the physical and digital space. We’re happy to collaborate with the innovative team at Hasbro on the TELEPODS platform.”

You can head over to the Angry Birds blog for some sweet, hi-res pictures of a few TELEPODS characters.