Angry Birds Priced at $15 for PC

The popular mobile game Angry Birds is coming to PC with a surprising price tag.  The boxed PC version game will be priced at £10 or roughty $15.

This is an unusually high price point for a game that's free on just about every mobile platform, including an HD version on Google Chrome.  So what's the deal?

"The PC version puts Angry Birds on the big screen (well, monitor) for that wider non-mobile audience who don't own or have access to smartphones or tablets," a spokesperson from Focus Multimedia told Eurogamer.  Game Maker Rovio offered them a different response, however.

"The pricing of the application on each platform depends on the development costs, the number of customers and the unique characteristics of each marketplace," Rovio told Eurogamer. "We do our best to provide Angry Birds on each device and market at an affordable price."

No additional content or features were mentioned in any of the responses.  Given the fact that Angry Birds has been downloaded 500 million times across multiple platforms, it'll be interesting to see how the public's responds to this price point.

Are you willing to cough up $15 to play Angry Birds on your PC when you could just as easily download it for your smart phone?



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