Angry Birds 2 announced

Birds vs. Pigs to get "birdier"

Start brushing up on your bird launching swipes, Angry Birds 2 is officially a thing. Finnish developer Rovio is announcing a proper sequel to its popular mobile game is in the works via a promotional poster on Twitter.

It promises a "Bigger, Badder, Birdier" game with more details set to be released July 28th in San Francisco. 

The original Angry Birds launched in 2009 on mobile platforms and became such a hit, it spawned countless spinoffs including licensed products like Star Wars, and even a dip into the RPG format.

But it hasn't been all fun and games for Rovio. The company had a rough year in 2014 after it saw profits drop by more than 70%, so it's likely a lot is riding on Angry Birds 2. 

I enjoyed my time with the original Angry Birds when it first came out on IOS devices, but the inevitable franchise fatigue wore me out. Hopefully, the new game can deliver and bring back what made the series so fun in the first place: a great physics engine with the payoff of blowing up smug, grinning pigs. 

Angry Birds 2 announced