Android users rejoice! Temple Run 2 is now available on Google Play

We've had to wait a whole week, and what a painful wait it was. Temple Run, the acclaimed runner game got its first official sequel last week on iOS devices. Now Android users finally have the chance to experience the addiction of Temple Run 2.

While the first game was certainly impressive in its simplicity and ways to keep you hooked, Temple Run 2 seems to ramp it up. Levels are now more dynamic instead of just straight paths with 90 degree turns. There are also more hazards, zip lines, and instead of three small, creepy monkeys chasing you, it's a giant one. Even the mission system seemed to have gotten an overhaul with a leveling system.

Of course, with the game being free, you can expect the now standard coin shop which will allow you to purchase coins in various quantities. However, it is important to note you can still achieve everything in the game, and unlock everything if you just play long enough to amass those coins yourself.

In any case, head on over to the Google Play store and download it to your Android device today!