Anarchy Reigns, umm, REIGNS supreme in Japan

While those of us living in North America have to wait until early next year to play Anarchy Reigns, some folks in Japan (reviewers, mostly) have been enjoying the brawler for a while. And yes, when I say "enjoying," I mean the people from Japanese gaming magazine Famitsu had a good time with it.

But how do I, a gamers writer living in California, know that Anarchy Reigns is a game people all the way in Japan like? Because I checked out Famitsu's scores for the game, and it seems to be doing all right. Actually, Anarchy Reigns is doing better than just all right in terms of critical acclaim.

Platinum Games' multiplayer beat 'em up managed to earn 9/10 scores all across the board on both Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3, which means Anarchy Reigns holds an impressive 36/40 total on each platform. Not shabby at all.

As always, we can't take review scores to indicate high sales at launch, but it's good to know Platinum has once again delivered a worthwhile beat 'em up experience. Now, let's get Anarchy Reigns localized in North America ASAP!


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