Anarchy Reigns Bayonetta DLC now available on PS3

If you pre-ordered Anarchy Reigns on the PlayStation 3, you received the exclusive Bayonetta character for doing so. The ancient-yet-still-lovely witch has now made herself available to the Sony masses for 99 cents on the PlayStation Store.

During my time playing Anarchy Reigns, I found Bayonetta to be quite a fun character. She was quick on her feet and packed a punch (and a sharp kick). Granted I'm no pro, but as a casual online player, I definitely dug the witch. At 99 cents, she's a steal.

Also available are Zero and Big Bull for $1.99. You'll gain access to these playable fighters right from the get-go. Last, we've got some extra multiplayer modes, also priced at $1.99.

[PlayStation Blog]

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