An above awesome Awesomenauts addition arriving

Everything seems good, everything seem fine. Sure, there are endless robot fights in the universe, but that’s perfectly normal. Then all the sudden an ancient threat awakens in deep in the Awesomenauts universe. This Starstorm Station is a doomsday device was originally created to end the robot hordes. Long after that battle has been won, no one took the time to deactivate the never used weapon.

This is the plot for the brand new Awesomenauts expansion currently being funded on Kickstarter. Boasting three new characters and a dreams of a spectator mode, the Awesomenauts Starstrom expansion has what the longtime fans have been waiting for. Let’s not forget global chat rooms, twin stick control schemes, and new music are being added as well. 

With the Starstorm, three new heroes emerge to join the ranks of the Awesomenauts: Ted McPain, a classic hero from ancient times; Sentry X-58, the most cunning undercover robot and Skree, the powerful but superstitious techno shaman. These heroes form the core of the new Awesomenauts Expansion called Awesomenauts: Starstorm!

Check out the video above and back the project if you likey what you see.