Amy No Longer a PSN Exclusive, Launching This Fall

Back in April we previewed an intriguing little download titled Amy. The game is a different take on the survival horror genre, featuring some interesting gameplay mechanics. Originally, the title was being developed for exclusive release on the PlayStation Network.

We recently got a bit of news regarding Amy. It turns out the game won’t be landing solely on the PlayStation Network. Instead, Amy will launch for Xbox Live Arcade and PC, as well.

When we previewed the game, one of our major concerns was that this potentially awesome title wouldn’t get proper exposure and would fail to sell well as a result. Now that Amy is a multiplatform download, perhaps sales will be favorable. Here’s hoping the game is as good as it looks, and let’s hope it manages to fare successfully in terms of sales.

Amy will be landing on the aforementioned download platforms this fall, as revealed at Gamescom. The game, which is being published by Lexis Numerique and developed by Vector Cell, was previously priced at $12. No word on whether pricing will change just yet. Watch out for Amy after the summer season.