AMC Theaters accidentally reveals Star Wars marathon

Then deletes it and pretends nothing happens...

Back in May an AMC manager revealed that the original Star Wars films and their prequels would be marathoned in AMC theaters prior to the release of Star Wars: The Force Awakens. AMC has a history of marathoning major films before a new installment in the series arrives.

It looks like someone at AMC jumped the gun and confirmed the Star Wars marathon a bit too early. The official AMC Theatres Twitter account Tweeted out that the six Star Wars films would be at their theaters prior to The Force Awakens release. 

The tweet has been since deleted and the page that it linked to led to an error page. Oddly enough, the error page's URL reads as 'Saga Star Wars Marathon' and has an image Obi-Wan Kenobi – while the rest of the site doesn't feature other Star Wars images.


As this isn't the first time we have heard about it (and there's no way AMC would skip out on this money-making technique), you can pretty much guarantee that the films will be in theaters.

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