Amazon Discounts NMH: Heroes’ Paradise Before Launch

No More Heroes: Heroes’ Paradise lands on the PlayStation 3 tomorrow. For many of you, that means you’ll finally get to play Grasshopper Manufacture’s lovely action game that you may have missed due to your sheer hatred toward the Wii. For those of us who already played the stellar Wii version, it means we’ll get to enjoy the game all over again, this time with a fresh coat of paint and some extra content.

Regardless of what camp you’re in, if you’re eagerly anticipating the launch of Heroes’ Paradise, you’ll be interested to know that Amazon is discounting the game. If you pre-order your copy now, you can save $10 off the already low price for Heroes’ Paradise. That means you’ll be scoring Suda51’s magnificent hack-and-slash title for just $29.99.

Keep in mind that this is not a $10 credit that can be used on a future video game purchase. No, this is a $10 reduction on the game’s $39.99 price tag, which is pretty sweet. If you already pre-ordered the game elsewhere, you may want to cancel and snag Heroes’ Paradise on Amazon instead.

Gamers who pre-order the game through the online retailer will also be treated to two digital goodies in the form of the Cross Saver beat katana and Moto Magazine 2 bike. Now you’ll be able to brawl and ride in style. If you’re interested in checking out No More Heroes: Heroes’ Paradise for the PlayStation 3, be sure to pre-order your copy on Amazon.