Amazon UK lists Pokemon Stars for Nintendo Switch

Just let it go and wait for whatever they are developing.

During Nintendo E3 2017 Spotlight presentation, it was announced that a 'core Pokemon RPG' would be releasing on the Nintendo Switch, without any further details.

Before Nintendo kicked off their Pokemon Direct last week, hype was at an all-time high. It was though that the rumored Pokemon Stars game, which is suggested to be a mix of Pokemon Moon and Pokemon Sun for the Nintendo Switch, would be announced.

Unfortunately, the game was not announced, however, Nintendo did accidentally list the new 3DS version of Pokemon Moon and Pokemon Sun, titled Pokemon Ultra Sun and Pokemon Ultra Moon, for the Nintendo Switch – which brought back hopes of a Nintendo Switch port of the game. 

Now, Amazon UK has listed the rumored game for the Nintendo Switch and it's set to release in 2030. Obviously, the release date is a placeholder date and the entire listing could simply be an Amazon employee unwilling to acknowledge that Nintendo might actually have absolutely no plans to release the rumored game… but hope, is hope.


They won't let dreams be dreams.