Amazon possibly leaks iPad 3 March 29th release date

Amazon France added fuel to the iPad 3 March release rumor, by possibly leaking the launch date in the form of iPad help books and manuals.  The online retail giant, and make of the rival Kindle Fire tablet, won't be selling iPads, but they will be selling help books and have recently added two iPad 3 books to its online catalog: Ipad 3 pour les nuls, or iPad 3 for Dummies, and Auf die Schnelle iPad 3, somewhat idiomatically iPad 3 in a Hurry or iPad 3 on the Fly.

According to the Amazon France listing at the time, iPad 3 for Dummies is scheduled for publication on March 29, 2012, which falls in line with previous rumors of a March release date for the iPad 3 rumored by Bloomberg and others. 

Bloomberg's latest rumors included several sources which said Apple and partners have planned to reach full volumes by February and ship with a hi-def screen, work with next-gen wireless networks, and use a quad-core chip that will let users switch between apps more quickly.

If these latest rumors and Amazon leaks are true, then it falls in line with even earlier rumors that Apple might have plans to release two iPads this year, the iPad 3 in March and the iPad 4 in October.

Rumors about an iPad 3 March release date aren't anything new, but they have all pointed towards the same time.  Even back in December it was hinted that Apple had plans to release the new iPad in March 2012.  Still, it should be noted that Amazon France has a tendency to pre-announce Apple products through book sales, and not all of them are entirely accurate.  UK website, The Register, noted that Amazon France offered iLife '10 pour les nuls with a release date of September 23, 2010 and iLife '10 was never released.

So take this latest "leak" for what it's worth – just another hint pointing to a March 2012 release date for the iPad 3 – nothing more.