Amazon now selling digital PlayStation Network games

No longer are PlayStation owners stuck behind the concrete wall of Sony's PlayStation Store. Online retail giant Amazon has opened up a new portion of its site dedicated to selling PlayStation Network content. In doing so, this now provides an alternate venue to purchase digital PlayStation content for the PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, and PlayStation Vita.

It's inevitable that we're heading towards an all digital future. Though Microsoft attempted it with the Xbox One early on, consumer backlash forced them to retract some of their early policies. However, this new partnership with Amazon and Sony clearly shows we're heading in that direction. The key difference is PlayStation gamers won't be restricted to just one storefront for potential deals, one of the major gripes of an all digital next-gen system.

Amazon's PlayStation Network store is already showing the perks of having another retailer sell digital games for consoles. To celebrate the launch, the retailer is offering $5 PSN credit back on select digital purchases. Additionally, anyone who participates in today's limited buy two, get one free promotion (starting at noon ET today) will also receive a bonus $5 PSN credit.

I can't wait to see what sort of deals Amazon brings to the PlayStation Network. This is something I can definitely get behind.