Amazon lists The Last Guardian for PS3, coming in 2014

Amazon might have just spoiled one of the biggest announcements Sony could possibly make next week at E3. The online retailer has a new listing for the long-delayed game, The Last Guardian.

First revealed by Sony and Team Ico at E3 in 2009, The Last Guardian has been in sort of a limbo state since. It hasn't been canceled, but it's been on hiatus for quite a while now. Sony has maintained that The Last Guardian is "absolutely in the mix" at Sony Worldwide Studios, and news of it undergoing "re-engineering" has sparked rumors that it could be released for PS4.

Amazon's listing for The Last Guardian seems to contradict the PS4 rumors, as the retailer lists it as coming to PS3 on December 31, 2014, though the date is likely a placeholder. So it's possible that the platform could be a placeholder as well. Amazon's product listing pretty much falls in line with what was first revealed to us in 2009:

"The Last Guardian is the third game by the acclaimed development staff behind ICO and Shadow of the Colossus. In the game, a young boy and a bizarre, gigantic creature form a heartfelt bond as they attempt to maneuver their way through an unfriendly world."

This is the second time that Amazon has potentially spoiled an E3 announcement with one of its product listings. Last month, the retailer had a placeholder listing for a "Bethesda E3 2014" game. Though the game wasn't actually spoiled, rumors has it that it could be for the new DOOM game or perhaps a new Fallout.