Amazon giving away $100 worth of Android apps for free

While the Amazon marketplace isn't the default shop for apps on most Android phones, it usually has some really awesome deals, especially with its Free App a Day promotion. Now Amazon has a completely bonkers deal where they're offering 31 apps completely free of charge, which amounts to more than a $100 in savings, assuming you download all of them.

While not all the apps and games are worth it, some of the worthy gems include:

  • Adventure Time Card Wars – normally $3.99
  • Plex – normally $4.99
  • Sonic the Hedgehog 2 (assuming you have a controller) – normally $2.99
  • Ravensword: Shadowlands – normally $6.99
  • Lab Pro – normally $2.99
  • Dungeon Village – normally $4.41
  • League of Heroes Premium – normally $2.99

There are also a handful of useful apps like EZ Money Manager, and Business Calendar. However, to get these apps on your Android device, unless you're using a Kindle, is to install the Amazon App Marketplace. The directions to do that can be found here, trust me, it's not that hard.