Amazon bundles PS4 with Kindle Fire HDX for $599

Well, this seems like an odd pairing, but it looks like Amazon is taking advantage of the second-screen gaming experience by pairing the PS4 with the 7-inch Kindle Fire HDX in a bundle for $599.99. The price is a bit shocking at first, but by purchasing the bundle you are saving $30 total. On their own, the PS4 retails for $399 for just the console, while the Kindle Fire HDX is priced at $229.

Here's how Amazon is marketing the pair:

"While the PS4 heralds in the next generation of consoles, Kindle Fire HDX does the same for tablets with improved visuals, a faster processor, and the revolutionary 'Mayday' button. Partner these together with the interactive Second Screen feature for a completely immersive entertainment experience."

Unfortunately, it looks like the bundle is now sold out — as are the standalone PS4 systems — so it seems you'll have to wait a bit longer if you want one.

"Due to extremely high demand, the PlayStation 4 is currently sold out," Amazon wrote. "Please check back on the Amazon Video Games Facebook page for the next update on when we will have more PlayStation 4s."

I'd personally prefer a Vita/PS4 bundle to take advantage of Remote Play.