Amazing Skyrim music cover by Lindsey Stirling and Peter Hollens

Two words for you (well a name really), Lindsey. Stirling.   I don’t know how this violinist / artist / goddess has slipped past my radar for so long.  The word ‘phenomenal’ doesn’t even begin to give her credit to her musical / showmanship skills.  Wait, did I mention she also covers video game music?  Yea, she has that going for her too.  Subscribed.

In her newest music video she has taken on the role of a ‘Master Bard’ who fights with a violin bow.  Oh yea, it’s in a freakishly accurate Skyrim like setting.  Dragonborn step aside.

With her, is the also very talented Peter Hollens on vocals to sing the familiar Skyrim song.  Between the two of them there is only one voice, one violin, and 120 tracks between the two of them.  Not only did this inspire me and blow my mind – it made me realize that I may never be as good at anything as they are. 

Watch the video above, watch both of their channels, subscribe, and reach my level of awe and depression.  It feels fuzzy.  If the Skyrim video wasn’t enough for you, check out Lindsey Stirling’s Legend of Zelda cover below.  She’s good, real good – I think I see Link differently now.