All of today’s Wii U & 3DS Nintendo Direct announcements in one place

As most Nintendo fans are probably aware, the company held a Nintendo Direct broadcast this morning during which they revealed all-new titles and touched upon a few already known games for the Wii U and 3DS. Whether you slept in, missed the news, or just simply want to reread some of the announcements, we've got all the key highlights from today's presentation for you below. From a new Zelda mash-up to a new character in Super Smash, today was pretty exciting for Nintendo fans.

Nintendo Direct Recap (Dec. 18, 2013)

Yoshi's New Island releasing on 3DS in spring 2014

Zelda meets Dynasty Warriors in Hyrule Warriors for Wii U

Bravely Default is getting microtransactions… err, Sleep Points

NES Remix offers a unique twist on classic Nintendo titles

Bravely Default receives demo with content not featured in game

Rosalina and Luma join the Super Smash Bros. roster

Dr. Luigi coming to Wii U eShop on New Year's Eve

Rosalina also coming to Mario Kart 8, as are 'baby' Nintendo characters

Note: We'll be sure to update this page throughout the day as we learn more.