All of Dark Souls secrets have been discovered, confirms Miyazaki

Four years later, players have finally discovered everything Dark Souls has to offer

The original Dark Souls released four years ago, but even today — even after the release of follow-up title Dark Souls 2 and its spiritual successor Bloodborne — fans continue to hunt for undiscovered items and secrets. Well, even the most dedicated Souls players can rest easy knowing now that no more secrets remain undiscovered.

Speaking in an upcoming issue of Edge Magazine (via GamesRadar), game director Hidetaki Miyazaki expressed confidence that everything has been uncovered. Although he admits that he feels the game was never truly complete, he believes players have seen everything the game has to offer.

"Well, there aren’t any undiscovered items, or specific bits of gameplay," Miyazaki said, "But Dark Souls is in some ways an incomplete game, and I like to think that it has been completed by players, by their discoveries, as they moved along. I’d love to say that the nature of this incompleteness was completely deliberate, but it is both deliberate and by accident, in different ways." 

Continuing, Miyazaki revealed his approach when developer a 'Souls' game. "I am conscious of that when I make these games: I try to make a game that has beautiful open spaces, gaps, room for players to enjoy it in ways that were not authored," he explained. "I never want it to be where you have to follow the rules completely, where you have to do things exactly as the designers intended. 

"I like to think that this way of creating – leaving spaces – is satisfying. So if there are incomplete aspects of Dark Souls III, please forgive us," he said, referencing the third installment in the Souls series. "When the player is inside the world of the game, there are various places where they feel they may be able to peek behind the curtain, pry open a window and see beyond."

Dark Souls 3 was revealed at this year's E3 and is slated to release on April 12, 2016 for Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC in 2016. After taking a break to work on Bloodborne, Miyazaki is back at the helm for Dark Souls 3, which should make fans of the franchise happy.