All new Grand Theft Auto 5 details and screenshots arriving on November 8

It looks like the new Grand Theft Auto 5 details that Rockstar Games promised to release "sometime next month" will come as early as November 8.

On Friday, GameInformer, who already revelead that their December cover story would feature GTA 5, announced that the digital version of the issue will be released on November 8.

In the morning, the cover art and a break down of the issue will be released, followed by the full release of the digital edition later on in the afternoon. The Grand Theft Auto 5 story is said to feature over 18 pages in print and is "full of details and screens".

The print issue is expected to hit news stands on November 16.

One of the biggest mysteries surrounding Grand Theft Auto 5 is the release date. Several industry analysts have predicted a spring 2013 release window, a prediction that gained some weight over the weekend when a retailer's advertisement for the game displayed a release window for spring 2013. Keep in mind, it hasn't been confirmed if the photo was legit or not.

We probably won't get a release date in the GameInformer article, but there's plenty of other reasons to be excited.