Alienware to showcase ‘the very first Valve Steam Controller’ at PAX East

Go hands-on with the Steam Controller and Alienware Alpha

Computer hardware manufacturer Alienware has revealed that the "very first Valve Steam Controller" at the Alienware booth during PAX East next week.

If you are lucky enough to be attending the annual convention in Boston next week (March 6-8), stop by the Alienware booth #9092 and go hands on with the new controller. It's being paired with an Alienware Alpha console that will be running on SteamOS.

Owl Steam Controller

The lack of analogue sticks (but the circle pads word like an analogue stick do) and d-pad had people uncomfortable. Considering that Valve has amended the controller after user feedback, it will be interesting to see how the controller has developed.

Do you have any hopes or expectations?

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