Alien Hominid Goes Gold

"Alien Hominid" Goes Gold

The highly anticipated debut from
O~3 Entertainment and The Behemoth crashes into stores November 16

SANTA CLARA, CA (October 29, 2004)
O~3 Entertainment, an interactive entertainment publishing and distribution
company, today announced the highly anticipated Alien Hominid has gone gold and
is expected to ship to retail stores November 16. Developed by The Behemoth,
Alien Hominid will be available for the PlayStation®2 computer entertainment
system and Nintendo GameCube™.

The press can’t get enough of the
short yellow alien with spherical black beady eyes, three teeth, and a little
green gun. GameSpot gushed, "The straightforward, accessible gameplay…is rock
solid and a blast to play… the visuals are simple, but they pack a whole lot
of personality into the colorful package." Game Informer raved, "It’s a fairly
simple game, and by that we mean it simply rocks." Official PlayStation Magazine
offered perhaps the highest praise possible for a video game when they said,
"Alien Hominid represents everything that is good about the game industry."

Alien Hominid is the debut console
title from O~3 Entertainment and developer The Behemoth. It is an evolution of
classic 2D side-scrolling platform shooters, blending old school play mechanics
with stunning hand drawn graphics (in other words, it looks pretty AND plays

Born on the internet in 2002, a
prototype version of Alien Hominid has become one of the most downloaded games
of all time, with over six million downloads from the entertainment portal , the first of
hundreds of websites now mirroring the prototype.

"The response to Alien Hominid has
been amazing," said Bill Gardner, CEO of O~3. "There is still room in the market
for good, old fashioned, action games that are done right. It’s no surprise this
game has over six million downloads – it’s truly original and addictive."

About the Game While joy riding in
its new spaceship, Alien Hominid crash lands in front of FBI headquarters, and
narrowly escapes with only its alien hide. Alien Hominid must find its spaceship
and get off this rock before its vicious human enemies find it and cart it off
to Area 51. Along the way A.H. relies on its deadly melee skills and advanced
weapons to out smart the ever-cunning enemies who want to probe it for alien

About Alien Hominid Although half
the size of a fully grown human, Alien Hominid has the uncanny ability to cause
mayhem and destruction wherever he goes. The FBI and their mechanical marvels
have been designed to keep A.H. from retrieving its UFO, but it will not be
deterred. Hominid befriends the most unlikely of humans, who aid it with insane
weapon upgrades. Alien Hominid will shoot, bomb, toss, eat and slash anything in
its path – and bring on the heat in multiplayer co-op mode at any time.

About O~3 Entertainment O~3
Entertainment is an interactive publishing and distribution company, established
to bring to the retail marketplace dynamic videogames from independent studios
located all over the world. The company has been founded by a group of highly
experienced game industry veterans. O~3 Entertainment is based in Santa Clara,
California. For more information visit

About The Behemoth The Behemoth (
is a San Diego, California development house created by experienced console
developers. The company creates fun, collectable console games. One of the
Behemoth’s founders, Tom Fulp, also owns and runs the popular entertainment
portal ." 

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