Alganon MMO Game Now Subscription Free Announced

March 3, 2010

MMO Game Now Subscription Free Announced

Quest Online announces the
Alganon has gone Subscription Free with its persistent fantasy-based MMOG title

Alganon has converted to a
Subscription Free MMOG and in April 2010 a new Tribute Market System, instances
and numerous other enhancements will be released. Alganon continues to offer a
great new and growing true persistent fantasy world for gamers to enjoy.

QOL engaged Alganon as a Soft Launch
in December for the purposes of refining the product and getting in-tune with
the industry and player needs. There were two key things to do; refine the game,
and review Alganon’s position in the market. QOL held back all marketing during
the new year because many AAA titles taking the spotlight and determined the
best course of action for Alganon’s success in 2010 was to convert to
Subscription Free and build a new Tribute Market System for the players. QOL is
moving out of the Soft Launch phase of Alganon into full Official Release on
April 8th and introducing the Tribute Market System.

This Tribute Market System will
serve as the foundation of Alganon’s new real-dollar transactional framework.
This market will support three categories of purchases: Items, Boons, and

  • Items include Pets, Mounts,
    Equipment, Access Keys, Potions, Boxed Collections, Tokens and specialty items
    that will be available through the Market.

  • Boons are specific to studies and
    allow the purchase of study-time. This provides the player with options since
    the study system directly relates to access of advanced game content and
    systems. A player could purchase a year of studies right away or use the
    studies system in real-time, boons simply lets the player accelerate that

Initial Services will be character

One thing that makes the Tribute
Market System unique is Item Maintenance. With this players will never lose
certain items they purchase from the market (one’s that are not a consumable or
have a finite number of charges). This allows players to buy that special mount
and use their Tribute to pay Maintenance on the mount to keep it active. If it
goes inactive, they can easily reactivate with Tribute instead of having to
re-purchase the mount.

Tribute is account-wide, so the
points can be used by any character. In addition, players can purchase Items via
a web-browser on MyAlganon or through the game. Any character tied to their
account can then claim the items.

Players who pre-paid for
subscriptions will be getting a special bonus. QOL is taking the amount they
spent on subscription fees and converting it to Alganon Tribute. Pre-Paid
quarterly players will get 839 Tribute, semi-annual will get 1,559 Tribute and
annual will get 2,878 Tribute deposited into their accounts after the April

The official April release build of
Alganon not only includes the new Tribute Market System, but numerous new and
redesigned features, most noticeably the collection of Dungeon Instances, and a
fully redesigned Starter experience (including completely unique starter areas).