Alawar Entertainment releases Sky Kingdoms

March 30, 2009

Alawar Entertainment releases Sky

Alawar Entertainment, a leading
publisher of casual games, today released Sky Kingdoms, an arcade puzzler
featuring advanced graphics and mind-blowing gameplay that challenges the
best-selling Luxor series for the title of best marble popper.

Sky Kingdoms transports the player
to a visually stunning realm where a chain of magic crystals holds dozens of
islands in place above a yawning chasm. Unfortunately, an evil dragon has broken
the chain and disturbed the balance of the world by stealing one of the gems. If
the player doesn’t reclaim the crystal before the left over magic runs out, the
islands will plunge into the abyss.

To defeat the beast, the player must
gather mana by firing colored spheres at chains of rolling marbles in an attempt
to create matches and destroy the orbs. If the player is skilled enough to
create several matches in a row, he’ll earn bonuses that will allow him to
incinerate spheres, roll the chain backwards and even freeze time.

In a new twist for marble poppers,
Sky Kingdoms features boss levels in which the player confronts the minions of
the dragon and must dodge their attacks. These adrenaline-pumping sequences are
packed with explosive visual and audio effects, creating the feel of a
spectacular action game.

"Sky Kingdoms was in development for
two years," says Denis Sedovich, producer. "We used that time to optimize the
graphics engine, polish the gameplay and create as much eye candy as possible.
We also focused on creating inventive bonuses that allow gamers to set off
spectacular chain reactions that can destroy an entire chain and trigger a
deluge of coins. Plus, as players advance through Sky Kingdoms, they can
purchase upgrades that will increase the power of the bonuses even more."

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