Alan Wake sequel to see release on Xbox 720?

This may be premature, but a subtle hint from Remedy Entertainment leads me to believe we'll be getting a sequel to Alan Wake. Furthermore, I expect it to be released on Microsoft's next-gen console, presumably the Xbox 720.

Just yesterday Remedy announced a 75%-off deal on Steam for the Alan Wake franchise while promising "even greater Remedy news to come in 2013." So what leads me to believe their new announcement will be a sequel for Alan Wake?

Well, for one, Remedy no longer works on the Max Payne franchise meaning they have plenty of reason to invest in the profitable Alan Wake series.  As of March 2012, Alan Wake sold two million copies and proved successful enough to earn a standalone Xbox Live Arcade title, Alan Wake's American Nightmare. At the time, the studio promised they weren't quite done with the franchise. 

"Alan Wake is definitely very close to our hearts. It's our IP – we own it. It's not something that we're going to forget very easily," Remedy's Oskari Häkkinen said in March.

Given Remedy's track record with the Xbox, it's quite possible we'll see Alan Wake as one of the premiere titles for the Xbox 720. Rumors continue to swirl that Microsoft has plans to reveal a new Xbox console this year. If true, Alan Wake could provide an enticing exclusive for the system.

Last spring Remedy even began hiring for "an unannounced project targeted at future generation consoles." A 2013 reveal could prime the game for a 2014 release on the new console. And with no specific console mentioned, it's quite possible we'll see the next Alan Wake on the PS4, which is also expected to release around the same time as the next-Xbox (hopefully 2014).

Keep in mind, this is all speculation, but the indications are there. Alan Wake 2 on Xbox 720 in either 2013 or 2014. Mark my words.