Alan Wake’s American Nightmare developer diary #1 & screenshots

Alan Wake's American Nightmare takes us back into the dark fiction world we remember from the original Alan Wake title.  This game is backed with the classic struggle of light vs. dark.  The dark energy can make dreams and fiction come true.  This time around the main antagonist is Alan’s dark clone going by the villainous name Mr. Scratch.

Today the folk at Remedy released a video and some screen shots for the game.  The video is an interview with three members on the Remedy team talking about the development of the new title.  As expected, all three of them seem excited about the production and upcoming release of Alan Wake's American Nightmare.

It appears that the Remedy team is excited about some of the modes in the upcoming game.  The arcade mode is an adrenaline-action pack mode with scoreboards and the whole nine yards.  This mode was the original concept for the game.  The team decided to add some story and this concept began a snowball effect of ideas which is what lead to the story mode. 

What new aspects of the game can you expect from Alan Wake?  The team talked about upgraded light combat, new weapons, scoreboards, unlockables, and new enemies.  They are going for a more Quentin Tarantino and From Dusk Till Dawn feel than in the previous game.  Lastly, there is some weird shit going on in the background of this video.

Alan Wake: American Nightmare will be released exclusively on Xbox LIVE Arcade – February 22.  The cost will be 1200 Microsoft Points.  Check out the video and screen shots.