Air Pirates Wanted For Crimson Skies!



ALERT: JUNE 20, 2000




Crimson Skies Site Features New Content and Fan Site Creation Contest


today announced the launch of the all-new Crimson Skies Web site at The site features a host of new
content, including "classic" radio shows about the game’s air
pirates, an interview with the game’s producer, new screens shots and images,
and Spicy Air Tales, a serialized novel about the game’s characters. And, in
celebration of the launch of the new site, Microsoft is kicking off the
"Best Crimson Skies Fan Site Contest," featuring two grand prize
trips to the Microsoft campus in Redmond, Washington, to meet the design team
behind this innovative game.


"Best Crimson Skies Fan Site Contest" runs now through July 14, and
winners will be announced shortly thereafter. To enter the contest, webmasters
must create a Crimson Skies fan site that is dedicated to the Microsoft PC
version of the game. They must also prominently display the Crimson Skies logo
and meet the criteria to achieve an "everyone" rating by the
Entertainment Software Rating Board (
Entries will be judged by the game’s designers and will be based on the
following criteria: unique design of Web site, quality of site design,
originality, and appropriateness to theme of the game. To help webmasters get
started, a Fan Site Kit (FSK) is available for download on the Crimson Skies
site. The FSK contains all available artwork, multimedia, logos and screen
shots. A variety of runner-up prizes will be given away; including admission
into the beta program, copies of the retail version of the game and other
Crimson Skies-branded memorabilia. The contest is only open to legal residents
of the United States and Canada. See site for official rules and details.


new Crimson Skies site offers a unique look into the Crimson Skies universe.
Gamers can tune into Radio Dial and hear the latest air pirate stories of
adventure and intrigue, or flip through the pages of Spicy Air Tales to learn
about the audacious characters that make up the game. From the Rogues’ Gallery
to the interview with the game’s producer, John Howard, the official Crimson
Skies Web site promises to both entertain and enlighten. To experience the
Crimson Skies site, go to: 


Skies combines the heart-pumping action of air combat with the swashbuckling
feel of an Errol Flynn adventure movie. Players fly fast and low in a game
reminiscent of a classic Hollywood tale, where dastardly enemies menace, evil
plots abound, and a bevy of femme fatales awaits. As the handsome and daring
air pirate Nathan Zachary, players take to skies filled with treacherous
privateers, tricked-out fighter planes and giant aircraft-carrier zeppelins.
Amid an ever-changing political landscape, Zachary and his notorious band of
air pirates, the Fortune Hunters, have become the free agents in a fight for
control of the skies.


game transports players to an alternate-reality 1937. The United States has
been struck by the crushing blows of the Great Depression, the Great War and
Prohibition, resulting in mounting isolationism. The once-budding road and
railway system has been destroyed, leaving the skies as the only means of
transport and commerce. Militias in the North, South, East and West have
formed rival independent nations in a fight for air supremacy. It is an era
where swing may be king but pilots rule, a world where the guns are bigger,
the planes faster and the adventures more daring — the world of Crimson


creative team of FASA Interactive, acquired in 1999 by Microsoft and led by
Jordan Weisman (one of the creators of the BattleTech universe), John Howard
and Dave McCoy, is providing the vision and design expertise for the Crimson
Skies PC game. Zipper Interactive, the development team behind "MechWarrior
3," is leading the day-to-day development of the new game.


Skies will be available at retail locations throughout North America in


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