‘Air Superiority’ to make its return in Battlefield 3’s End Game DLC

DICE isn’t a stranger to listening to their fans. Whether it’s bringing old weapons or maps back, they always seem to strike a chord with their fans that, well, keeps them coming back time and time again, and it looks like they’re continuing that feat in the highly-anticipated, final expansion for Battlefield 3, “End Game.”

Along with four new maps, fresh vehicles, including the infamous dirt bike, and weapons, DICE is recapturing the magic that was classic capture-the-flag, and today’s announcement, Air Superiority mode.

Air Superiority was introduced and made famous in Battlefield 1943, where fans only unlocked the mode by killing over 43 million foes as an entire community. According to DICE, the mode will play similar to how fans remember it: two teams pitted against each other with a slew of aircraft to chose from. The team that amasses a greater number of aircraft in the air for an extended period of time is dubbed the winner, but not without some ensured chaos.

Battlefield 3™: End Game delivers some of the most high-speed warfare to date across four vast maps. Race through enemy lines using the new dirt bike, bringing speed and agility to the Battlefield, or fight back aerial assaults with new lightweight AA vehicles. Coordinate lightning fast attacks and defenses in the return of the classic Capture the Flag game mode, or engage in massive dog fights in Air Superiority. In the skies, the new dropship introduces the ability to turn the tide with rapid deployment air drops of troop transports.

Source: [DICE]