Air Conditioned pants, because you’re worth it too

The Japanese are at it yet again.  The application of technology can truly be applied to anything at any time.  As someone living in South Florida, I’ll admit there is allure to air-conditioned pants.  I mean it’s both hot and humid here.  Some nice ventilation and airflow breezing throughout my pants, keeping the boys cool, could be preeeeeetty damn nice.  Hell, if I sport this with an air-conditioned shirt I could even match.

Here’s a question, is this practical though?  These AC pants are 65% polyester and 35% cotton blend.  They come in M, L, 2L, and XL sizes which spans waist sizes ranging from 108-129 cm.  The colors range from light khaki green to… light khaki green.  The battery powered fans are apparently light weight and don’t cause the wearer discomfort.  Would you pay $200 + for these bad boys though?  That’s mighty steep.


The company that makes these air-conditioned lines of clothing is Kuchofuku.  This Japanese based company also makes the AC shirts, aforementioned shirts, jackets, helmet, cushions and even a bed.  Yea, so all that is a thing as well.

You may not look like the sharpest dressed, but in my eyes you’re the coolest.


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