AI War gets Ancient Shadows expansion, all content on sale now

AI War: Fleet Command has managed to attract a growing audience of RTS lovers, delivering a satisfying strategy experience that's completely captivating. Currently available for download on Steam is the game's latest expansion Ancient Shadows.

The add-on content adds some sizable units to AI War, literally speaking. Ancient Shadows introduces modular fortress units that not only provide a fresh gameplay experience for the series but also allow newcomers and longtime players a chance to get some awesome co-op games going.

In addition to the new content, AI War has also received its 6.0 update. It's great to see a developer still tweaking the experience and enhancing the mechanics of a game even after four years. That's some awesome dedication, not only to the game, but to the very audience that has supported and grown right alongside AI War.

You can purchase the Ancient Shadows DLC for $4.99. The expansion is currently available at 10 percent off its regular price while all other AI War content — the main game and its add-ons — is available for 75 percent off. Not a bad deal! If you're interested, be sure to snag the content you need fast as the discount will only run until October 26.

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