Ahri, the Nine-Tailed Fox, LoL Mechanics Preview

Waaaay back in September, Riot released information about a nine-tailed fox character to be released in the near future.  That time is now.  In case you’re done getting your bear on, this foxy lady will be the next League of Legends character to be released.   Right now, all we have is art on her and the mechanics of her play style. 

Ahri will be an opportunist character.  She will pick up easy kills on low health opponents while having enough harassment abilities to keep weaker champions at bay.  Her spells / abilities will rely on positioning for optimal use and damage.  So far she sounds like a rather exciting champion and look forward to hearing about her as Riot releases more.

Below, in italics, is the official Riot mechanic preview for Ahri.

Greeting Summoners!

Back in the end of september, we announced The Nine Tails Fox much to the excitment of our community. Well the time has finally come and after much anticipation, we wanted to reveal the gameplay style for Ahri, the Nine-Tailed Fox.

Ahri’s gameplay style revolves around mobility and managing position to aim her spells. When played properly, Ahri darts around teamfights, picking off wounded stragglers and harrying soft enemies.

This is largely accomplished through her ultimate, which allows her to dash multiple times before going on cooldown. Ahri can either use all three quickly to chase, burst, or escape, or she can spread out their uses to keep enemies guessing and juke around the battlefield. Combining this with her high magic damage and her Seduction ability to lock enemies down, she can strike from unexpected angles or bait enemies into overcommitting to disadvantageous situations.

Ahri’s major gameplay decisions are based on her assessment of risk/reward. Her burst is high, but must be in short range to maximize it. This creates a dynamic that requires her to endanger herself to reach full potential. Play it safe and have more light damage, or commit and go for the kill? Use your dash for damage, or save it for escape? The choices are constant with these opposed strengths and weaknesses.

Her kit is really designed to appeal towards opportunistic players who prefer characters with a lot of action, and especially players that like to lull enemies into overconfidence, only to capitalize and punish them. Ahri’s dangerous, seductive nature is something we’re happy to deliver for players who like to toy with their enemies before destroying them.