Agetec To Perplex Playstation Portable Players With Puzzle Guzzle

December 13, 2007


PSP system Puzzle Game Challenges
Players to Create Order From Chaotic Pieces

Agetec, Inc. today announced it will
be publishing Puzzle Guzzle for the PSP system. In the game, players race to
assemble triangles and other shapes by rotating marked squares pieces. It may
sound simple, but winning at Puzzle Guzzle requires that players think in
multiple dimensions to succeed.

Like any good puzzle game, Puzzle
Guzzle quickly turns from an entertaining pastime to a vexing challenge that is
extremely addictive. As the pieces appear faster and faster, and in even more
complicated patterns, players can go from trying to finish a level to simply
trying to stay alive. For an even greater test of multi-lateral thinking skills,
Puzzle Guzzle can be played competitively against a friend to see whose mind is
quicker on the draw.

“Puzzle Guzzle is sure to be a game
that PSP system owners will love,” said Mark Johnson, producer for Agetec, Inc.
“It starts out simple enough, but it doesn’t take long before that classic
panicked feeling starts taking over as the game becomes progressively more

Puzzle Guzzle will be released for
the PSP system in North America in the spring of this year.