Agetec’s Fading Shadows Now Available for PSP

August 19, 2008


A Unique and Challenging Puzzle
Adventure for PSP System is Now Available

Agetec, Inc. today announced that
its newest PSP® (PlayStation®Portable) system game, Fading Shadows, has shipped
to retailers in North America. Fading Shadows is an invigorating puzzle game
that has players guiding an orb out of the pits of hell and back to the Castle
of Heaven.

“Puzzle fans are in for a real treat
with Fading Shadows,” says Mark Johnson, producer at Agetec. “Not only do you
get intriguing puzzles, you also get an inspirational storyline, gorgeous
backgrounds, and incredible graphics. This game is truly one for puzzle fans.”

Fading Shadows takes place in a
mystical world consisting of two sides – the joyful side and the dark side. Aira
and her brother Erwyn have lived their whole lives on the joyful side of the
world. Everything changed when Master Gardal interrupted their peacefulness by
capturing Erwyn. The reason behind the brutal capture revolves around an ancient
prophecy declaring that if Gardal wants to breach the gates of the Castle of
Heaven to overthrow it, he will have to sacrifice a pure and untainted soul –
Erwyn’s. While sitting in the dungeon and awaiting his execution, Aira seals her
brother’s soul inside a single teardrop and transforms the teardrop into a
protective orb. Now to save her brother, she must safely guide the orb back to
the Castle of Heaven using a magical beam of light.

Players in Fading Shadows are tasked
with taking control of the magical beam of light that the orb is attracted to
and follows. While guiding the orb, players will have to avoid various obstacles
and traps laid out by Gardal and his minions.

Fading Shadows is now available at
the MSRP of $29.99.