Agetec Releases Puzzle Guzzle for PSP

March 3, 2008

Releases Puzzle Guzzle for PSP

Fast-Paced Puzzle Game Makes Players Think At
Different Angles

Agetec, Inc. today announced Puzzle Guzzle for
the PSP has shipped in North America. In the game, players try to create
complete shapes, but at diagonal angles and with either a human or computer
player always trying to foil you.

“Puzzle Guzzle is a game that’s sure to challenge
even the most experienced puzzle players,” said Mark Johnson, producer for
Agetec, Inc. “It has a classically simple concept, but makes you think in ways
that no other game does. On top of all that, it’s just plain fun.”

The premise of Puzzle Guzzle is simple: players
attempt to turn different shaped pieces into shapes with 90 degree angles on
each side. However, as the pieces appear faster and faster, and your opponents
get more devious, this simple challenge soon becomes a maddeningly fun
experience. As players defeat opponents, they steal their character’s
appearance, features and special abilities, so the more you play, the more the
game changes!

Puzzle Guzzle features hundreds of challenges
that will tie players’ brains in knots, and it also features a wealth of
downloadable puzzles to keep things fresh. Over 50 challenges are now available
for free download. Puzzle Guzzle owners simply need to select “Launch Website”
from the game’s title screen to access these new puzzles.

Puzzle Guzzle is rated E for Everyone, and is
available now for only $19.99.