Age of Conan – Fictional Story Series – Index

Age of Conan – Fictional Story Series – Tales of Conan

by Michael Lafferty presents a series of original fictional stories by Michael Lafferty stemming from the
massively multiplayer online world of Age of Conan – Hyborian Adventures. The following stories were written with the permission
and cooperation of Funcom, the developer of the game. This tale continues series of stories that deal with the world, the
characters and the lore involved in Hyboria. Some of these stories may contain spoilers for quests, so by Crom, be forewarned!

Tales of Conan - Tales of Conan - Retribution is a cold mistress
Retribution is a Cold Mistress8/28/08

The Eiglophian Mountains seemed to descend like the stabbing fingers of an Hyborean god, thrusting violently into the northern
lands, jagged and rough, capped with the crisp clean snows of heaven bleeding into the browns and greens that dominated the valleys.


Tales of Conan - When Words Fail
When Words Fail8/5/08

The battle is long past, but the remnants draw black clouds of flies, an angry buzzing that will
not let the memory of the battle fade. It should not fade. It should be remembered.


Tales of Conan - Culling a Home from the Wild
Culling a Home from the Wild7/23/08

The Zingaran sellsword thought the pay was easy for the job at hand. Intercept the lone rider and
steal some blueprints being transported to a developing city in the plains. He thought wrong.


Tales of Conan - A Homeland Torn
A Homeland Torn7/8/08

The barbarian hunched near the fire of a burning hut, sharpening the edge of his greatsword while the
smoke wrapped around his form like an extra layer of wolf skin, staving off the cold that descended each twilight from the mountains above the valley.


Tales of Conan - Cold Steel
Cold Steel6/24/08

We gazed upon him, with the fury of the battle wrapping around him like a second layer of armor,
and saw not a man with a sword, but rather hell walking.
– from the journal of a Nemedian lieutenant.


Tales of Conan - In the Underbelly of the Beast
In the Underbelly of the Beast6/17/08

The atmosphere of the tavern spun in a dark embrace, but even so the half-hooded gray-green eyes of
the raven-haired woman tracked all movements. A jug of wine sat on the table before her, but that was merely for show. The half-full
cup in front of her had not touched her lips, and – if anyone had cared to notice – the appearance of wine consumed would have
been dispelled by the fresh stain on nearby floorboards.


Tales of Conan - The Embrace of Shadows
The Embrace of Shadows6/10/08

Ainya perched on the edge of a roof, drawing lungfuls of fresh sea air deep into her body. She had to
get above the slime, filth, and corruption of Tortage City. It had been an evil night. A night of murder most foul, a night for an assassin, …


Tales of Conan - In the Shadow of the Volcano
In the Shadow of the Volcano6/03/08

The slavemaster stood in the shadow of the volcano, the angry tongue of lava occasionally throwing up
enough light to briefly illuminate his perch and cast it in malevolent tones of orange and golden red. …


Tales of Conan - Deliverance from the Sea
Deliverance from the Sea5/27/08

The skies roil black in anger
While chaos churns the seas
Hull and deck scream in protest
Drowning out the slavers’ pleas


Tales of Conan - In Service to a King
In service to a king5/19/08

Arias’ face was lit with the flickering oranges, yellows and reds of the campfire, but rather than
contentedly embracing its warmth, his brow was furrowed in a scowl. His right hand absently rubbed at the soreness of his left
shoulder, but that was a pain that was not going away. …


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