Age of Empires Online turns free-to-play and introduces Alliance Wars

Age of Empires Online has turned from "free-to-try" to a full free-to-play model.

The latest update will implement the change and introduce Alliance Wars, a team-based competition for players around level 40, along with purchasable vanity items and consumables.

In addition, players can earn Empire Points (the game's currency) through natural play or buy them through Steam, allowing all premium content to be available through gameplay.

"With Empire Points and this true free-to-play business model, we are giving players what they have repeatedly asked for … fewer pay walls and more ways for players to experience this legendary franchise," says Chris Taylor, CEO of Gas Powered Games.

Once the game transitions to the free-to-play model, all players will be gifted 500 Empire Points, while new accounts will receive 100. Current players who had Empire Points previously will have them converted into in-game coin.

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