After two years Dragon Age 4 gets early look in ‘Behind the Scenes’ trailer

Chances of it being current-gen are dwindling

BioWare has granted gamers a short look at the next Dragon Age title. In the new video, the developers are sharing their thoughts on delivering Dragon Age 4 while showing early development footage and artwork. You can watch it here!

The tale of Dragon Age 4 is a real rollercoaster ride. For being one of the most beloved and popular fantasy action-RPGs there have been only a few games in the series. Well, at least not enough if you ask fans.

It has been a long six years since Dragon Age Inquisition came out on current-gen consoles, and while it was a great game and a huge hit, BioWare and Electronic Arts seemingly had no real interest in following it up timely.

Instead, BioWare tried their hands at a completely new genre with the live service third-person online shooter Anthem. It didn’t pan out as planned sadly and Anthem came and went without much impact on the gaming landscape.

Hopes from RPG fans are that BioWare focuses on what they do best. RPG. This new footage – if you can call it that – is still only a teaser for what is to come but the short seconds of what looks to be actual gameplay footage of environments already look stunning. And while we would have welcomed actual gameplay it’s still much more than what we had up until now.

With Dragon Age 4 still heavy in development and no release window being shared whatsoever, it’s fair to assume it won’t be a cross-gen title and instead focus on next-gen consoles entirely.