Aedis Eclipse: Generation of Chaos Released

April 24, 2007

Eclipse: Generation of Chaos Released and it Takes the Chaos Out of Loading!

Okay we admit it loading time for
the original Generation of Chaos was long, too long. So for Aedis Eclipse we
went back to the drawing board for major system and game play changes. What did
we get out of this? An solid 23.1% increase in efficiency across the game.
That’s almost a full second off from a 4 second load. A second may not sound
like too much, but trust us it does make a difference after 45 hours of game

Now in stores nationwide, Aedis
Eclipse: Generation of Chaos is for you who loves strategy RPG. Don’t be fooled
by the handheld exclusivity, this game is every bit as strategic and content
packed as an home console game. For example check these features below out:

  • 3 in 1 stories and a comprehensive

  • Fully customizable battle squads

  • Over 100 different custom units

  • Hybrid of grid and free roaming

  • Over 150 creatable weapons and

  • Multi-front battles

  • Unique board game like field map

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