AdventureQuest Worlds Celebrates First Birthday

October 6, 2009

Worlds Celebrates First Birthday

AQWorld’s 1st Birthday is about
to go terribly, terribly wrong.

Over 11 million players are helping
Artix Entertainment celebrate the first birthday of the MMORPG AdventureQuest
Worlds in a series of sever-wide events and story twists planned for the entire
month of October. There will be presents, balloons, cake, and… DoomKnights who
control all of the Undead forces.

“An unstoppable army of
undead-players assaulting a fortress of unicorn-riding Knights in shining gold
armor? Epic!,” said Adam Bohn, founder and CEO of Artix Entertainment. “We are
very grateful to all of the amazing players who are making this game possible.
So we want to make this October one they will never forget!”

Birthday Extravaganza

So, what do you do when all of the
Heroes of the land are kidnapped a week before the big Party? Our solution was
to put Twig—the fish and ice cream-loving Moglin—in charge of the festivities.
Things have gotten out of control. Wrapped Gift Boxes drop from the mutant party
mascot who is a bizarre part fish, part ice cream, and part Party Pooper hybrid.
There are 10 different Gift Boxes to collect, but players can’t open them until
November 1st. The surprises inside will have to wait; no peeking! Players can
also get their hands on the monster’s new weapons, armor, and helms, along with
an adorable fish-out-of-water pet.

Founders and First Upholders

Players who are Founders – those who
have supported AQWorlds since its release – will receive a special surprise at
the end of the month. If players missed out on becoming a Founder, they can
become a First Holder by purchasing any AQWorlds membership upgrade or
AdventureCoin bundle during the month of October. The First Holder title will be
displayed as a new badge on the character page, in the Book of Lore, and will
unlock a super-special, uber-rare item.

Heroes of the land… Kidnapped!
The latest cutscene revealed that our heroes have been kidnapped by an
overzealous group of Knights calling themselves the “Golden Onslaught.” Rescuing
them appears impossible—they are imprisoned in a well guarded fortress
surrounded by the “Death Fog” which kills any living creature that attempts to
walk through it. The Golden Onslaught’s self-righteous leader, Maximilian
Lionfang has declared that they will “purge the land of evil [players] and
anyone who dares befriend them.” It seems these Knights do not approve of both
good and evil forces working together against our new and far more dangerous
common threat… the 13 Lords of Chaos.

Building the BIGGEST Undead Army
Ever… DoomKnights needed!

In our other games, it is tradition
for an army of undead to attack our peaceful home town. The world was shocked
when the leader of the Evil faction revealed her plan to save the Heroes. At
sundown on Friday the 9th, she will turn the entire player-base of AQWorlds into
a giant undead army that will march through the Death Fog in attempts to rescue
the heroes (there is a 16.2% chance that players can be turned back to normal if
they are successful)! The most highly anticipated class in the game, DoomKnight,
will finally be released! Brand new armors, weapons, skill sets will arrive with
the class. As a newly dubbed DoomKnight, players will lead the huge Undead Army
to victory and save the kidnapped heroes.