Activision working to fix DLC problems for Call of Duty: Elite members

The first batch of Modern Warfare 3 DLC hit for Call of Duty: Elite members earlier this week, and while millions have already begun playing, countless members have reported a major issue. According to Activision, users who paid for the subscription to the Elite service were granted access to the DLC as promised, but any other profile on the same console was unable to access the add-on, contrary to what the terms of service stated.

Infinity Ward responded to the outcry from fans, stating that they are working with Activision to straighten out the issue, and today, Activision explained that a fix is in the works. 

Infinity Ward's Robert Bowling further explained the issue: 

"We understand that ELITE Premium Members on Xbox Live who purchased the latest DLC Content Drop for Modern Warfare 3 are unable to access that content while signed into other profiles on the same console that originally downloaded the content. This is unintentional and we will work to get an update out as soon as possible that corrects this issue and allows you to continue to enjoy the new maps."

Bowling provided no timetable for a fix, but one can imagine it to be fixed in a week or two, especially with the amount of people logging on to check out the new maps. Have any of you tried out the new maps? What do you think of them? Let us know by commenting below.