Activision on Call of Duty movie: “If the script and the story isn’t right we won’t do it”

That's hopeful.

Earlier this year, Activision confirmed that they are looking to create a "Marvel-esque" Call of Duty film franchise that won't be literal adaptations of the game, but will feature the "high adrenaline" aesthetics from the game. 

Now Activision's Tim Kilpin has revealed that they aren't looking to pump Call of Duty movies out even if they seem like they will be bad. According to Kiplin, if the story and script aren't right, the movies won't happen. 

"Anytime you take a franchise as storied as this, with this kind of legacy, and expand it into a new form factor you have to be really careful," Kilpin told MCV. "So frankly, if the script and the story isn't right we won't do it; it's not one of those situations where someone is saying, 'I don't care just get it made!'; that's not what's happening. We do think that if it's done well it has the opportunity to expand the base audience, beyond the traditional foundation that the game appeals to."

Kiplin went on to say that the films offer an opportunity to for the game franchise to expand its reach.

"As an M-rated game, it's a core audience and we do think there's an opportunity to reach a little more broadly than that; if the storytelling is done well, that's the key," he said. 

At least we have some hope that if the script looks bad, they will scrap it instead of release it.