Activision fighting dog poop cleaning service named “Call of DooDee”

We're kind of rooting for the dog poop company on this one.

Call of Duty is far and away one of, if not the biggest and most well-known video game franchises to ever exist. It has a global reach with millions of players, a marketing budget akin to that of a major summer blockbuster, and it usually packs some star power with recognizable celebrities starring in the game’s campaign and zombies mode.

With that said, it should come as no surprise that Call of Duty publisher Activision is less than happy that a dog poop cleaning service is somewhat mocking their flagship series. Over the summer, an Illinois citizen filed a trademark for their new dog waste removal service known as “Call of DooDee”. Yes, we know it’s childish but we laughed when we heard this story.

In October, an express abandonment for the application was submitted but Activision requested an extension for time to oppose it and was granted the extension. Activision has until the end of 2017 to file a formal opposition but it’s unlikely this will escalate seeing as the original owner of the trademark attempted to abandon it. It makes sense that Activision doesn’t want their popular series associated but it’s still funny to think about men in suits getting frustrated about someone cleaning up dog feces.