Activision CEO Bobby Kotick is a very rich man

It pays to be CEO, literally, as Activision Chief Executive Officer Bobby Kotick is now among the highest-paid CEOs in the United States. According to a document filed to the SEC, Activision — who holds one of the most popular gaming IPs in Call of Duty — increased Kotick's compensation to $64.9 million in 2012, placing him No. 2 among U.S. public-company CEOs for the year.

The majority of Kotick's earnings came from stock awards valued at $55.9 million. As Bloomberg notes, these earnings are stretched out over five years; however, the results are reported in the year of the grant. Technically, Kotick only received $8.33 million in total compensations last year. Only $8.33 million. Again, it's good to be CEO. Especially when that company is Activision.