Abzu & Rising Storm 2: Vietnam free for grabs on the Epic Games Store

That's the way to start off your weekend

Start off your weekend with two outstanding games that cover a wide range of genres. This week’s freebie games on the Epic Games Store are Abzu and Rising Storm 2: Vietnam. With one outstanding squad shooter and a great indie game, PC gamers should be set for the whole weekend.

Epic might be in a major legal dispute with Apple due to the Apple Store policies, but that doesn’t hinder the company from continuing to hand out great games on the PC via the Epic Games Store. In fact, the whole fate of Epic’s driving force Fortnite is somewhat in jeopardy since it’s no longer available on iOS devices.

Still, on the PC front, the rise of the Epic Games Store is treading forward. One of the tactics Epic has been deploying to establish a large user base are regular game giveaways. No matter what your opinions on Epic’s exclusivity deals on the PC are, free games are welcomed by a lot of gamers.

Rising Storm 2: Vietnam offers a brutal military shooter experience set in the harsh Vietnam war. As one of the most popular online FPS games in the genre, it’s a great choice. Grab your copy here!

The second giveaway on the Epic Games Store is for Abzu. And the contrast couldn’t be more stark. This relaxing underwater exploration-adventure made a big splash – pun intended – due to its incredible style and laid-back gameplay. Nothing less expected from some of the talent behind the excellent Journey. Get your gift of Abzu here!

The deals run until October 15th on the Epic Games Store, so make haste and don’t miss out on this nice offer. The next free games are the spooky Amnesia: A Machine for Pigs and the 2D survival-strategy Kingdom New Lands.