A New Team of Superspies Rocks Wii with Capcom’s Spyborgs

June 3, 2008

A New Team of Superspies Rocks
Wii with Capcom’s Spyborgs

Saturday Morning Cartoons Explode
to Life in This Revolutionary Wii Title

Capcom today announced Spyborgs, a
new action game coming exclusively to the Wii. In Spyborgs, players take on the
role of a diverse team of five bionic superspies in a fight to save the world
from a group of dastardly villains. Wii gamers will be set to save the world
when the game launches in 2009.

The first title developed by Bionic
Games, a newly-formed development team comprised of former Insomniac Games and
High Impact developers known for their work on hugely popular franchises Ratchet
and Clank and Resistance: Fall of Man, Spyborgs is a unique action-adventure
game set in a stylish world that resembles a Saturday morning cartoon. Engaging
players in team-based challenges designed to utilize 2-player co-op play,
Spyborgs takes the theme of “team” to a whole new level of fun. In Single-player
mode the “team” theme continues as players jump from one member of the
superspies’ team to the next, rapidly tackling different challenges designed
around each character’s unique abilities. Fast, addictive gameplay, unique
controls offered by the Wii Remote, and a storyline that refuses to take itself
too seriously, Spyborgs will provide players with a dynamic and fresh gaming
experience like no other.

“Our goal is to maximize the
potential of the innovative Wii Remote while delivering a new paradigm in
cooperative game play,” said Michael Haller, president, Bionic Games, “We also
wanted to bring a lot of humor to the game which we feel we have accomplished.
This game will make you laugh — for all the right reasons.”

Players jump between the identities
of a team of five bionic superspies to combat a rogue squad of wacky,
dysfunctional super villains. Each character has unique powers to match their
super-spy skills, such as heavy firepower, martial arts, bladed weaponry,
acrobatic skateboarding skills or pure robotic destruction. This cast of
characters may make a misfit group individually, but by utilizing them as a
team, the Spyborgs will have the power to save the world – if they don’t blow
themselves up first! Spyborgs’ tongue-in-cheek action and compelling interactive
cartoon theme keeps players engaged from the first episode to the last with one
of the most fun and entertaining games to be developed for the Wii system.