A New Face Comes To The Online Action MMO Brawler Grand Chase!

March 11, 2008

A New Face Comes To The Online
Action MMO Brawler Grand Chase!

Ntreev USA, Inc. announced the
addition of a new playable character and related content for the exclusive North
American release of Grand Chase, the Action Adventure MMO Brawler developed by

Grand Chase Knights Welcome Your
Newest Soldier, Ronan!

In the newest update for Ntreev
USA’s North American release of the MMO action brawler, Grand Chase, a new
playable character and related content have been added to the game. Ronan, the
newest playable character to be added to the Grand Chase roster is the first
male character to be released in the game. Ronan will be bringing his own unique
fighting style, special skills and combos to the fast-paced action of Grand
Chase. Along with the addition of a new playable character, Ronan also heralds
the addition of new character specific missions, equipment and items!

For more information regarding this
newest, and highly anticipated addition to the Grand Chase Knights, make sure to
check the official Grand Chase website.


New Equipment, Items and Accessories
Come to the Grand Opening of the Official Grand Chase Shop!

The addition of a new playable
character, his specific missions and equipment and items is not the only news
for the Grand Chase Knights. New equipment for all characters including Elesis
the Warrior, Arme the Mage and Lire the Archer have also been added to the
official in-game Shop. Full Equipment sets such as the Kanavan Royal Guard,
Dolmen Spell Knight, Bunny Spell Knight, Spell Knight, Meister Clan and Fire
Strike sets have all been added. These new equipment sets offer unique stat
bonuses and new aesthetic looks to the Grand Chase characters. But Ntreev USA
has not stopped at merely adding a slew of new and amazing items to the game’s
shop, the shop has also been completely expanded to incorporate the ability of
purchasing items with real world currency! New items, accessories and more will
continue to be added in future updates and many will be able to be obtained
through both in-game currency and real world cash, or Ntreev Cash Points.

For more information on all of the
newest, and greatest equipment, items and accessories available to aid the Grand
Chase Knights in their ongoing struggle against ultimate evil, make sure to
check the official grand Chase website.


PVP, Dungeon Crawling and Mighty
Boss Battles Only Scratch the Surface of the Grand Chase Experience!

Grand Chase is first and foremost an
MMO action brawler, but there are times when every gamer wishes to take a break
from the adrenaline pumping action and heroic confrontations to be had. The
newest update to this popular online title also proclaims the release of the
brand new Park System. With the Park System, players can now take a moment, and
take a breather from their action-based exploits, chat and get together with one
another in a completely new, and relaxing environment. The Park System allows
for multiple players to chat and show off their avatars at the same time, with
up to 50 players per room, or Squares as they are called! The new Park System
maps are multileveled and much larger than any of the current maps used in
either the PVP or the Dungeon Systems and also includes a special Wedding Area!

For more information on all of the
newest updates and additions to everyone’s favorite MMO action brawler, make
sure to check the official Grand Chase website.


Join The Chase, Save The World!

Grand Chase is a fast-paced,
heart-pounding action brawler that combines elements of traditional RPG
character advancement and customization, and adds new cooperative and
competitive elements for players who aren’t afraid to put their brawling skills
to the test! Grand Chase raises the bar for free-to-play online gaming; setting
itself apart from the pack with superior quality, design and execution. Grand
Chase is title unlike any other and is poised to make its mark on the North
American, English market!

The North American release of Grand
Chase is not only the most enhanced and upgraded version of the game available
in the English market, it is also a completely different and unique title that
pushes the boundaries of traditional online gaming fare. A fully realized
fantasy world sets the stage for high adventure and epic action as players join
the forces of the Grand Chase Knights to fight the evil Kaze’aze and protect not
only the land of Bermesiah but the entire world!

This completely Free-to-Play, five
star title is being brought to North America for the first time ever through
online game publisher, Ntreev USA Inc.

Players who think they have the
skill, who are ready to battle the forces of evil and protect the land of
Bermesiah by becoming Knights of Grand Chase should immediately go to the
official website, and Join the Chase to Save the World!