A bright June from Mastertronic Group …

A bright June from Mastertronic
Group … The Mastertronic Group has announced the four new titles that will
comprise its June PC Gamer Presents… and M.A.D releases.

Released on 17th June, the first PC
Gamer Presents… title will be Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time,
Ubisoft’s acclaimed platform classic. Retaining characters and settings from
Broderbund’s 2D epic, The Sands of Time drops its princely hero into a new 3D
area and endows him with a number of new, key abilities. The most important of
these is his ability to manipulate time – in addition to using his sword skills
to take on his many adversaries, the prince can slow down or speed up time to
give him a massive advantage over his enemies.

With the original version of the
game renowned for the agility of its hero, The Sands of Time presents an even
more acrobatic prince, while the game is laden with hazards and puzzles that
unfold as the game progresses. As with all additions to the PC Gamer Presents…
label, Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time was incredibly well received by the
Future magazine, and its review score of 89% makes it more than eligible to join
a label where only games scoring over 80% are considered.

The second PC Gamer Presents…
title will be Atari’s highly regarded Neverwinter Nights, a sprawling
role-playing epic that received 94% and the ‘Game of the Month’ award in the
Future magazine. The game invites players to create, arm and develop a hero of
their choice as they explore a massive play area and undertake a series of
challenges, or even design your own adventures for other people to enjoy via the
game’s clever networking system. Infinitely expandable and incredibly absorbing,
Neverwinter Nights is rightfully seen as one of the greatest role-playing titles
ever with hundreds of hours of adventuring awaiting the player, and its release
as a 9.99 title makes it one of the biggest gaming bargains of all time.

RollerCoaster Tycoon 2
completes the trio of strong PC Gamer Presents… titles. Originally, released
through Atari and earning 84% in the Future publication, RollerCoaster Tycoon 2
gives the player total control over a theme park of their devising. Players
create rides, maintain them and oversee the money-making side of the
rollercoaster business. Behind its fun exterior lies a game of incredible depth,
with the player’s ingenuity in creating thrilling rides to attract the crowds
balanced by the need to keep the park safe at all times.

Simultaneously released through the
complementary M.A.D label in June will be Auran’s absorbing Trainz Railway
Simulator 2004, further demonstrating the sheer range of titles available
through both labels.

The addition of Trainz Railway
Simulator 2004
to the M.A.D. label marks the Group’s first foray into the
extremely popular railway simulation genre. Over 50 famous trains from all over
the globe have been faithfully recreated, while players must ensure both their
trains and service are up to scratch as local businesses depend on a prompt and
reliable service to fulfil deliveries. The game allows users to create their own
routes using a simple and effective menu system to create the game’s stunning 3D
worlds, and also interact online with like-minded train buffs at the Download
Station, where thousands of add-ons are freely available.

"With more titles to follow, The
Mastertronic Group is proud to show that both the PC Gamer Presents… and M.A.D
labels will keep gamers happy this summer," comments Peter Ball, Sales Director.
"We have built a reputation for releasing the very best games for pocket money
prices and these titles raise the bar even higher. All four are superb titles
and will be supported by equally high profile and quality titles which will be
announced in the coming weeks."

About Mastertronic Group Limited
Mastertronic is one of the best known electronic entertainment brands in Europe.
It pioneered the European console market with its launch of the Sega Master
System, invented the budget retail sector and built an international development
and publishing operation under the Virgin Mastertronic label. The brand was
subsequently relaunched as The Mastertronic Group Limited in 2003 by founder
Frank Herman, together with Andy Payne and Garry Williams.

The Group now leads the European
value publishing sector through its retail brands M.A.D. (Mastertronic Added
Dimension), Sold Out (the UK’s largest-selling budget operation, acquired by the
Group in 2004) and PC Gamer Presents, a unique quality-assured brand in
association with the leading games magazine publisher Future Publishing.

The Group also offers, through its
wholly owned subsidiary The Producers Limited (also acquired in 2004) a ‘cradle
to grave’ total turnkey service for physical product, from marketing through
packaging and warehousing to retail and electronic distribution. In addition,
MAD 4 Games, a wireless channel for content delivery to mobile phones was
established first quarter 2005.