A new type of speedrunning has surfaced in Club Penguin; The race to get banned

This is amazing!

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Club Penguin is only a few weeks away from being shut down for good but just like in Jurassic Park "life finds a way," or in this case, speedrunners find a way.

Speedruns are often associated with players pushing their skills to the absolute maximum while trying to complete a game as fast as possible. Only a few speedrunners can ever become so good at a game that they are able to speedrun it in a competitive fashion. However, with the Club Penguin speedruns the objective is a bit different, it tasks competitors to get banned as fast as possible.

Yes, you read that right, Club Penguin speedrunners are competing in getting banned as fast as possible from a browser based kid game.

The speedrun called "Banned%" takes place both inside and outside the game. It has competitors register for a new account, accept the verification e-mail, fill out the captchas, log in, and then write profanities in chat to get auto-banned by the language filter. A true test of skills indeed.

Though this might sound like a rather relaxed speedrun it is, in fact, a rather serious one with a serious set of rules, auto-fill URLs and names are not allowed, neither are pre-existing e-mails allowed or using bookmarks. The whole idea of a Banned% speedrun originated on the Banned From Club Penguin where some fascinating stories about the game are shared.

Club Penguin will shut down its servers on March 31 so if you want to partake in these speedruns now is your chance to become world famous! The world record right now is at 00:39:53, personally I clock in on 1 minute 07 seconds. Think you can do it better, then let us know!