A new Shadow Warrior entry is being heavily teased

Look out for this week's Devolver Direct

It sure looks like we are the cusp of getting the next Shadow Warrior installment. The outrageous first-person shooter is getting ominous tweets via the official Twitter account. Taking into account that this weekend, series publisher Devolver Digital is holding their own game showcase, it’s likely that Shadow Warrior 3 is going to be formally unveiled there.

A literal string of tweets by the game’s Twitter account leaves pretty much no doubt that a new entry into the over-the-top FPS game is inbound. They literally posted a tweet that says a teaser trailer is being filmed! The Shadow Warrior series is indeed very well known for heavily relying on jokes but there’s just no way this is one of them.

After Polish developer Flying Wild Hogs took over the reins of the franchise back in 2013 by rebooting the iconic 90s FPS, things started looking great for series protagonist Lo Wang. Alongside Duke Nukem, Lo Wang left his mark on the 90s shooting scene with his quips and double entendres. But unlike former, the series didn’t manage to have any staying power with only one game under its belt. After the successful 2013 reboot, Devolver Digital also published a great sequel in 2016.

Now, with just mere months before the start of next-gen, we are likely going to see Shadow Warrior 3. The timing of the Twitter teasing leads us to believe that the game will be officially unveiled this Saturday, July 11th, during Devolver Digital’s Devolver Direct showcase. With the successful reboot of the franchise thanks to Flying Wild Hogs, there’s no reason not to think that this third game will be created by them again and follow the general game design. We suspect this one to be a cross-gen title but we’ll know for sure later this week.